6 tricks to reduce the travel costs

Summer is the best time to travel. At the same time, it’s high-season, which means the price of everything might get higher, from flights to hotels and all the costs in between. But there are times that you can find cheaper flights or book hotels with better deals. Knowing these tricks can help you reduce travel costs as much as possible. Follow these rules:

1.    Compare the price of flights in different dates

If you want to find cheap flights, you need to be a bit flexible with your travel dates. There are some dates that the flight prices are higher, like weekends and holidays. On the other hand, if you choose to travel on another date, which is in the middle of the week or on the dates that not many people go on travel, you may find cheaper flights. We suggest you check the price of the flights for the entire month. This trick can help you find the best price for the month you want to travel. You can check the flight price chart on www.flytoday.ir and see which dates offer the lowest fare.

2.    Find deals on flights

If you want to find flight deals and be always informed about the latest flight fares, turn on the fare alerts on the airline pages or websites that sell flight tickets, such as Flytoday. By turning on this notification, you won’t need to check the websites every day to find a better price for your destination. The website either sends you the latest prices via email or SMS, it’s up to you.

This notification can give you the last-second flight offer, which sometimes occurs on Charter flights. Some travel agencies purchase all the seats of a flight at a lower price. Thus, they can offer a more inferior price to their customers. If all the seats on the flight are not sold, the agency offers a much lower price for the flights that are going to depart soon. For example, you may be able to find cheap tickets for a flight that departs tonight.

3.    Book hotels with special offers

The next step of planning a trip is booking a hotel, which again has a critical impact on your travel costs. You can find many hotels and hostels at your destination, but if you want to have a cheaper trip, we recommend you to find hotels with special offers. You can also book hotels on the Flytoday website. Check the prices, compare, and find the best deals on the website. It will take you a few minutes to find the best option for your accommodation. Then, your hotel will be booked with a few clicks.

6 tricks to reduce the travel costs

4.    Round trips are better options

You may find it cheaper to buy a one-way ticket, but round trips are always better options. If you buy two separate tickets for your trip, you may need to pay more, especially if you wait until the last minute to buy the ticket for your return flight. Not all airlines give you a last-minute offer on their flights. Sometimes you may even see the price gets higher when you reach the date. And if you can’t find a ticket for your return, you may have to stay one more night, which will even increase the costs of your trip.

To avoid these problems, we recommend you buy two-way tickets at the same time. So, you can better plan your trip with the rest of your budget.

5.    Connecting flights are cheaper than direct flights

You may find it easier to buy direct flights, especially for long-haul trips. But the other option you have for such trips is the flights with one or more stops. Sometimes you may find these flights more affordable than direct flights. Furthermore, the longer it takes for the second flight to depart, the cheaper the ticket price will get. It means, it will be cheaper if you buy a ticket to London with 5-hour stop in Istanbul, rather than buying a direct flight to this destination. However, everything depends on the airline and the date you travel. Therefore, always check different dates to see better options.

6 tricks to reduce the travel costs

6.    Use public transportation

Until now, we tried to help you reduce the costs of your travel by finding better prices on your flight and hotel. However, what you do on your trip is also important for cost reduction. First of all, always use public transportations on your trips, no matter where your destination is, the costs of traveling via subways, tramways, and buses are always lower than taking a taxi. Check Google Map or other tracking apps to find where bus stations or metro stations are. In most of the destinations, there are metro stations near the main tourist attractions.

Bottom Line

Not all people know how to reduce travel costs. Traveling on a budget is an art that you need to learn. You may think it will be expensive to travel to your dreamy destination, but knowing some tricks can help you find better prices for buying flight tickets or booking hotels. Find websites that offer better deals for their flights and hotels. Always compare the prices on different dates and even the whole month of your trip so you can find better prices and offers for your trip. To reduce the expenses of your travel, use the metro or bus for transport.

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